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The Pinstriped Player Mug - SOLD OUT



I'm privileged to be one of 24 kustom kulture artists worldwide included in the new Pinstripe Planet 2 book by Korero Books - 2010. Pages 18-23.

Cover art by Makoto.



Here are some new mugs and figurines I designed for the great folks at KC Hawaii. You can purchase the mugs by clicking here, and purchase the figurines by clicking here!

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Welcome to the official website showcasing the unique, campy art of Sam Gambino. The style reflects a fascination with those segments of American culture which brought us tikis, bowling, hot rods, Saturday night poker games and roadside attractions. The site contains images of original oil paintings, tiki sign designs and samples of published comic panels. Visit often because more artwork will be added to the site on a regular basis.

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